Community Event

JTF welcomes back Frostburg State students at FSU Block Party

On September 5th, 2018, JTF participated in the Frostburg State University Block Party sponsored by the city of Frostburg.  The goal of the Block Party is to welcome the students back to Frostburg, introduce them to student organizations and local businesses, and allow local citizens to become acquainted with the students.  

JTF set up their outdoor sports arena on Main Street near The Princess Restaurant.  JTF introduced the students and locals to archery tag.  To most of the participants, archery tag was a new activity but a couple of players had the inside track and had played the game at other locations.  

JTF enjoyed speaking to the students, student organizations, and local organizations.  The Block Party is a great community event and JTF was happy to participate.  

Good luck to all the students at Frostburg State University!