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JTF 2108 End of Year Report

JTF is happy to report on the results of 2018. This year marked the second year of the mobile business model. JTF went to this model after funding for a permanent location was slow and unpredictable. Additionally, the mobile business allows JTF to determine where demand is greatest for the permanent location. JTF has refined permanent location possibilities after two years.

In the second year of the mobile business, JTF made significant changes to choices of events in which to participate. These changes lead to a significant cost savings for promotions and operations. The major change was to eliminate self-produced events and to participate established events such as Coney Days, Summer Kick-off Festival, Woofstock, etc. Additionally, participating in established events allows JTF to support the local community and causes by, hopefully, boosting attendance. Finally, this change in procedure allowed JTF to turn a significant loss in revenue into a positive cash flow in one year.

Another success in the second year was the significant increase in secured bookings. Secured bookings are events where JTF is paid outright for the event such as birthday parties, business events, community events, picnics, etc. JTF went from 4 such events in the first year to 15 in 2018 and hope to double that number in 2019. JTF had 10 new customers and 3 repeat customers. For 2019, JTF already has 3 new customers with bookings and leads on a new line of customers.

As we build on the successes of 2018, we have several exciting developments for 2019. We fully expect to double the number of secured bookings in the upcoming year. We will also be holding our second day camp for kids in July. JTF has not finalized the headliner or the format, as of yet. We will be adding new activities and games especially for younger kids. JTF also hopes to hold the 1st annual Kick Ball Tournament this summer.

JTF is extremely thankful to all of our supporters. We can’t keep striving for our goal with you. We are here to stay and will just keep getting better. Onward and upward.