The owners of JTF are two military veterans - Ronda Johnson with 12 years of Army service and Michael Mc Closkey with 14 years in the Marine Corps.  Following our military careers, we continued to serve our Department of Defense brothers and sisters as Civil Servants for an additional 10+ years.  After the loss our fathers, we did some deep soul searching on our path in life.  We decided it was time to change the focus of our lives and pursue our passion - bringing sports, fitness, and fun to rural communities.  Using the training and knowledge we accumulated over years of military and civilian service, we developed the concept of the Joint Training Facility (JTF).  Just as a Joint Task Force brings together experts from all military services and agencies to focus on one issue, the JTF will bring together experts, trainers, and teachers for the benefit of the community.  For more information on the JTF concept, please see the video below.


After traveling from the Eastern Shore to the Mountains in Maryland, we decided to build the region's largest sports facility in Western Maryland. The Joint Training Facility will be the premier sports, recreation, and fitness destination in the region.  Western Maryland is uniquely situated on Interstate 68 making it within a day's drive of over 50 million people.  Additionally, Western Maryland is a four-season jewel of state with recreation and beauty in abundance.   

Our vision

The JTF will be the center of sports and fitness training for the region.  Not only will JTF provide a center for community gathering but will also bring regional tournaments and elite sports training.  It will be an environment for everyone to participate no matter their ability or fitness level.  We will strive to make the JTF a source of community pride and an economic stimulus for the region.

You’re never a loser until you quit trying.
— Mike Ditka